Dumpbox is a complete marketainment company based in smart city Hubballi, Karnataka. We are performance driven media and marketing house that caters to your promotion needs. Our creative box is dumped with a plethora of service including Website Design, Video Production, Animation and much more. So no matter what you need, from flyers and posters to websites or animated ads for your firm, DumpBox is a confident answer!

It was the summer of 2017 when two young media buffs who shared the ardent desire of unique communication decided to sow seeds of a singular entity capable of quenching a hunger for creative ideas and thoughts on a global scale, something different to elevate brand/business. With new ideas and fresh perspectives, we set on to build a team of quick-witted and passionate folks who happily walk on burning coal to deliver a quality product. And yes!!! Dumpbox breathed its way to reality.

The mystery behind the name “DumpBox “supports a positive jibe this opportunistic industry of media and marketing holds with given platform for aspiring individuals. And when we say “DUMP” we don’t just mean put aside or throw but we mean “let go off” your creativity and ideas into a vast casket of opportunities. The team DumpBox will protect it by all means.

A mere concept in its early days, it took a few months to take root and sprout. And now, as a sapling, we continue to nurture it and condition it. The struggle for everything in the universe is same. What makes it unique is its zeal to grow it into a huge body with multiple branches and facets, the fruits of which will be our offering to the ever growing need for uniqueness.”


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We are creative back-end artists who are deeply in love with communication. coming from different background, we dumped our strengths to create Dumpbox. Meet us to know more.
Hunain Bagaban

Hunain Bagaban

Founder & Creative Director
Tabassum Sayed Dafedar

Tabassum Sayed Dafedar

CEO & Executive Producer

Client Says..

Preeti Agarwal

Preeti Agarwal

Owner Petville Petshop

Dumpbox is one stop solution for all your social media needs, Hunain and Ashay’s Team are doing a fab job, and they do a proper research on the subject and write all meaningful stuff. Dumpbox takes their work very seriously. They complete their work on time and never ever disappoint with the content and research work. Sheer hard work and dedication define dumpbox. Thanks for being a part of Petville. All the best!

Gopal Dharamdas

Gopal Dharamdas

M.D Innowait Business Services

The services of Dump Box Entertainment is highly appreciative and my company would like to refer all of our customers seeking Video Production, Web designing, and other related development.

IN-Nowait wishes Dump Box for its huge growth ahead.


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ALL ABOUT HUBLI | Documentary | DumpBox Entertainment

A Documentary on Hubli City by DumpBox Entertainment          A Media and Entertainment Company specialized in Film Production   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F3zTA81x4Fo&t=56s     Follow us   http://www.dumpboxentertainment.com/home1/blog/   https://www.facebook.com/DumpBoxEntertainment/   https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKdOx_nWt5612MtY4CfhDEQ


Learn | Sochh | DumpBox Entertainment |

LEARN??? Find out the LEARNING, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AYn5-btO_lo&feature=youtu.be Watch video and share your feedback do like share and subscribe to our channel   Credits   Camera and Edit : Hunain Bagaban Actor and Script Writer : Tabassum Read more…

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