With each passing Day we are left with nothing, it’s time to CHANGE its time to REACH

Its time to EARN

Change what EXIST Reach the one in NEED Earn that is never PAID

MUSKURAHAT is a TRUST run by a group of YOUNGSTERS in spreading hands for the one in need; we feed the street people around HUBLI-DHARWAD city

It’s a beginning that never ENDS; We feed the poor every 3 months, with simple idea of donating 1re every day by an individual

It remind us “Every drop in the OCEAN counts” that’s how your rupee does,

Our main funding partner – DUMPBOX ENTERTAINMENT (a media and film production)

We heartily thank and wish all the success for every DONOR

Meeting the first Requirement of every human “never die of HUNGER”

A CHANGE in every LIFE

feed a hunger, his ability will

remind you his BIRTH

“It’s never too late to BEGIN”

Reach Us To Donate

Office Address

Arodh Plaza, Anand Nagar Road,

Hubballi, Karnataka,

India, 580024 

+91-9448217886, 91-9481730786


Bank Details

Name: Tabassum Dafedar

Bank: City Union Bank

Account  Number: 500101010333687

IFSC Code: CIUB0000166

Branch: Hubballi

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